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Caboki instantly eliminates the appearance of hair loss for men and women.

Check out the before/after pictures below submitted by people like you.

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Slide the bar in each photo to examine how natural and fuller the "after" hair looks!

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What Our Customers Say

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  • David D. (US)
    David D. (US)

    Fills in receding hairline!

    I've been looking for a product like this for some time!!!

    The right side of my hairline is receding more quickly than the left. It took me several attempts to get it to look just right. I started inside my part and worked my way towards the front. Remember- A little bit goes along way. I also patted the hairline slightly which made it blend better...read more

  • Kimberly V. (US)
    Kimberly V. (US)

    I couldn't believe my eyes!!

    I have been thinning for several years thanks to genetics. I decided to check out products to help with my thinning hair. I found reviews on youtube and decided to give the free trial a chance and I am so glad I did! I never would have thought this product worked as well as I saw online until I saw it with my own two eyes! I cried with excitement!!! read more

  • Angel C. (spain)
    Angel C. (spain)

    Funciona realmente el Caboki?

    I ordered a free sample sent to me in Spain, so I test it with the head of my father.

    The video has recorded by my mother, so the quality is not very good, but you can clearly see how it works and it's no fake. We're still freaking out and no doubt my father would think to buy. watch video

  • Lisa G. (US)
    Lisa G. (US)

    Best thing ever invented !!

    I LOVE CABOKI !!....this is amazing and it works. My confidence is thru the roof, I never leave home without it on...and no one can tell the difference at all.

    This has done alot for my self esteem in regards to my hair loss and thinning. Thank you Caboki...I highly recommend this stuff and I have to my friends. read more

  • Tony S. (New Yrok)
    Tony S. (New Yrok)

    Simply a miracle.

    I'll use it for ever. read more

  • Carl M. (US)
    Carl M. (US)


    Ok, seriously I cannot believe how well this works! While being a bit messy to work with (i do it myself and put a towel around my neck to catch the dusty mess it creates) it is AMAZING!!!!

    As you can see by the photos it really looks like hair. My hairstylist is amazed also and took these photos for me. read more

  • JOYCE J. (Boston)
    JOYCE J. (Boston)


    This is a GREAT product!

    I no longer feel self conscious about my thin hair and my friends cannot believe I use anything when I tell them. No one even notices and that is what is important to me. Thank you for a great product that has helped my confidence!! read more

  • Graham F. (US)
    Graham F. (US)

    Lost 15 years in 15 seconds

    The pictures speak for themselves. This product is awesome!!! read more

  • Tracy P. (US)
    Tracy P. (US)


    I can't emphasize enough how important it is to have self confidence, particularly when you are a woman losing her hair.

    I had become very depressed, and had a deep lack of confidence, wearing hats every time I could, and even buying hair pieces, and contemplating wigs to cover my genetic shame, UNTIL...CABOKI rescued me!!!...read more

  • Jenny C. (California)
    Jenny C. (California)

    Bought for my husband

    It actually works! watch video

  • Kathy B. (Chicago)
    Kathy B. (Chicago)

    OMG !!!

    I going through chemo right now and am losing my hair. I tries Caboki and could not believe the results. I felt so confident. Thank you so much read more

  • Blgman. (Australia)
    Blgman. (Australia)

    My way of using it

    I was curious about caboki after seeing videos, so I bought a pack and after some 10 - 15 times of using it, this is my method. I hope this helps you. watch video

  • David H. (Houston)
    David H. (Houston)


    im definitely in the 'easy to help' caboki group so i cant speak for the super bald guys (yet), but i love love this!!! totally looks amazing, see the pics! noticed a little itching but nothing as bad as when you get a haircut etc, so basically its hardly noticeable, other than that, love this. havent tried swimming or running (i assume it will rinse out which is fine... read more

  • James A. (US)
    James A. (US)

    Everyone needs to try this!

    I am very impressed with Caboki. I have in the past used Toppik and DermMatch.

    DermMatch is very messy to put on and take off, however it will hold up in rain. Toppik did cause my head to itch and I don't think it covered as easily as Caboki which does not cause my head to itch. As far as being waterproof like DermMatch, I don't care I will use an umbrella (lol)... read more

  • Kathleen S. (Florida)
    Kathleen S. (Florida)

    Absolutely Amazing!

    I don't even know what to say......this is absolutely amazing! It has given me back confidence....I don't worry about bending over and people seeing my thinning hair...I feel so free.....I don't worry about people seeing it from a distance......I LOVE IT!!! read more

  • Linda Jo T. (US)
    Linda Jo T. (US)

    Female with cowlicks, thinning, and gray growing in

    These before and after photos are after washing my hair and letting it dry without touching it. I used my fingers to rearrange the hair after it was dry and after I applied the Caboki. My hair issues don't match any of the female photos for matching. read more

  • mackenzie M. (US)
    mackenzie M. (US)

    Works very well for the back of the head.

    This works well for people with thinning hair in the back of their head. Put some on my hand and patted it in and I'm very pleased with the appearance. read more

  • Jaime K. (US)
    Jaime K. (US)

    Caboki Works For Me

    I liked the sample I tried and will probably use Caboki for on-camera presence. watch video

  • Lisa J. (Pennsylvania)
    Lisa J. (Pennsylvania)

    It works

    I am a 52-year old female and started losing hair a few years ago. It has been very embarrassing and has caused a slump in my self-esteem. Before starting the Rogaine routine (which you have to do every day for the rest of your life) I decided to try Caboki's free trial. While this is not a hair restoration product, it does perform magic by making it APPEAR that I have more hair...read more

  • Jony S. (Philippines)
    Jony S. (Philippines)

    Amazing product!!!

    My first attempt at using Caboki. Amazing product!!!! Wish it wud be more readily available in the philippines read more

  • Robb M. (Washington DC)
    Robb M. (Washington DC)

    Got my Hair Back!

    If your reading this you have to try it. My pics are real, no touch up, all you need is caboki, mirror, towel, hair spray and a little practice. You can do this yourself.

    Stays on in wind and everyday occurrences. Safe, made of cotton, natural color, matches my hair exactly. Washes out with shampoo or stiff combing. read more

  • Paul S. (Ohio)
    Paul S. (Ohio)


    At first I was very skeptical, as I am a Norwood V-VI. I recieved the free sample and in 5 minutes I became a customer!

    Love the product. read more

  • Tanya S. (los Angeles)
    Tanya S. (los Angeles)


    I'm so happy I found this! I have used several other products to cover, disguise and try to forget my hair looked like this. I used to have a beautiful head of hair so having it look like this is a daily reminder of what used to be.

    It's still not perfect but at least I can go through the day less self conscious and not constantly looking in the mirror to see if there is scalp showing... read more

  • Greg D. (San Francisco)
    Greg D. (San Francisco)

    New believer!

    I doubted this from day 1. Tried it once from a friend... Instantly a Believer! read more

  • Kevin P. (US)
    Kevin P. (US)

    WOW!! This stuff really DOES work!!!!

    I was really doubtful that this stuff worked like they say it does, but I tried it as soon as I got my sample in the mail and WOW!!! I couldn'top:px;believe my eyes after applying it. I looked so young, and you really couldn't tell that it was just powder. I will definitely buy a full bottle.read more

  • Kent R. (Illinois)
    Kent R. (Illinois)

    Great product with reasonable price.

    It covers my bald spots so well! It's completely above my expectation. I used to spend a lot of time in the morning trying to cover up the balding area on my head. Now with this, I no longer need to. It usually stays on for a day and a half which means you can sleep with it without having to worry about it coming off onto your pillow case. Shampoo your hair first, wait till it's completely dry, or the product can't stay as well. Style your hair and then apply it onto your bald spot... read more

  • Carol J. (North Carolina)
    Carol J. (North Carolina)

    Awesome product!

    I was skeptical at first, but I ordered the free sample and this stuff does do what they claim. I did find that if you ride a motorcycle (even with a helmet on) it will blow off! I actually combine the use of this product with the Joan Rivers stuff so of it does blow off I don't have white shiny patches showing through! It makes my hair look thicker and not so flat and thin. Best my hair has looked in YEARS!!!! read more

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