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    I was skeptical when I saw this product. But I thought I'd try the free sample. As you can see by my pics....WOW!!!!
    I was very surprised how natural it looks. My wife and son agreed too.
    I would highly recommend using the volume control mist. It will hold the fibers more securely in place. I didn't at first and left fibers on the couch when I leaned my head back on the couch.
    The only minor issue is at night. When you sleep, some if the product will rub off on your pillow case. It won't stain it. You just brush it off with your hand. Some of the fibers may still stick to the fabric, but it will completely come off in the wash.
    These are minor issues, so if you're okay with this, then Caboki is for you.
    As long as I have enough hair for the fibers to attach to, I will be a Caboki user.