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  • Caboki draws less attention to my thinning hair.

    • Before
    • After
    I received a free sample of the Caboki. I LOVE IT. I have all over very fine AND very thin hair. My hair is naturally a dirty blonde but I am dying it dark brown. However, it lightens up, so I am between dark and medium brown. The dark Brown Caboki is a little darker than my hair. But what I have noticed is that when Caboki is on your scalp and you throw your part around, which I do.....instead of seeing a stark, white just looks it doesn't appear that thin. It doesn't necessarily make my hair look thicker, but it doesn't allow people to see my white scalp next to my dark makes it so less attention is drawn to my thin hair. I would say that it is subtle but noticeable to me and makes me feel better about myself. I would love MORE Caboki. I am almost out!