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  • A Boost of Confidence!!!!!!

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    The men in my family have receding hairlines and genetics has given me a balding and thinning spot behind my bangs. I’ve been self conscience about it more and more and remind my hairdresser every time I have my hair cut and styled to help me with coverage. Then I found Caboki and ordered a sample and use it daily. Eyeliner, mascara and Caboki! When I went to the hairdresser recently, she asked how I got my hair to look so full. I shared my Caboki story and pulled out my sample take along bottle. After she cut and styled my hair, I ended up having the confidence to shared my story with 5 ladies in the salon and demonstrated what I do every morning. My stylist did a before and after picture and it was like a magic show and all who witnessed were amazed at the coverage. They all admitted know someone who would benefit from Caboki including some of them. I had the confidence to share what used to be a subject I didn’t talk about openly. Thank you Caboki for your magic!!!!