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  • Caboki actually works.

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    I decided to try Caboki to fill in some hin spots along my forehead. I usually keep my hair up because the thinning hair is extremely noticeable to me when my hair is down, I like how the powder is very light and does not smear when it gets wet or if I over apply. I just blend it in with my hands and it looks natural. It holds well to the small hairs in the area and does not look like anything but actual thick hair. I was worried that it would look fake or painted on, and that isn't the case. I decided to try Caboki because I find my hairline to be distracting to me when I look in the mirror and see myself in pictures, I am not using the product out of shame, I use it as I would use makeup. On occasions that I would want to feel like I am my best version of myself. If there is something about your appearance that makes you feel like you would rather not have pictures taken, or be the center of attention, wouldn't you want to have the option to do something about it? I would and I did.