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  • Where's the mess???

    I was very pleased with my free sample! Thank you so much. It arrived much quicker than I anticipated.

    Even though the container looks very small it seems to go a long way. It is so much better than I thought it would be honestly. I am so so happy that it doesn't make a mess, particularly staining my hands and under my nails. I scratched my head without thinking and thought for sure it would be gross under my nails and be rubbed off my head, but I was wrong!! This doesn't feel like anything once you get it on. I was afraid it would feel dirty, or super dry, as if there were powder on my head/hair, but it doesn't. Didn't come off on pillows or sheets, even got caught in the rain but still no mess!! You can move it around a bit when you first apply, which is good, but once it is staying there until you wash it out, and it still washed out easily. I can't say enough about how much better it is than I expected. It's one of those things you really do have to try for yourself to believe. The only issue I have had at all is a bit of trouble applying it. I don't have a "bald spot" persay, but diffuse thinning all over the crown and a front hairline. The front it easy enough, but I did struggle to get it through the hair if that makes sense? Like it was getting stuck sitting on top rather than getting all the way down to where my scalp is shinning through. But with a bit of practice, and some trial and error I have been able to get some great results. I still have some trouble in the back when I don't have anyone to help me. I just saw the atomizer, so maybe getting that would make it a bit easier? But overall I think it's amazing and I will definitely be ordering a full size version.

    I would recommend this to anyone, male or female who is struggling with hair loss.