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  • Instantaneous love

    For years I've been using another product, but putting it on was pure torture. I googled hair loss coverage and your ad, I think, was first. I had seen one on tv and yours looked like it. Anyway, I ordered the sample and put it on immediately. I was so excited by what happened. The color, grey, instantly covered my first bald spots. The more I quartered my hair and applied the product, the more my bald spots were gone, leaving no black spots where my former brush marks left them. I was so happy, that I performed a further test, I went 8 days without washing my hair. I was checking to see if the spots appeared after each day. No bald spots for me. Yay. That very evening I ordered the product and I am wearing it now. It makes my hair fuller which is a plus for me. I am very happy with your product and will tell others that I am wearing it. I won't invite them to order their own sample, as balding women my age are prickly about this, I know I am. It isn't a good look for us. (Your Caboki appears to be what I had been using, and that I am now giving up. It even looks like the color I used, gray, which is nearer black.)