Free Sample Offer

BEWARE: Caboki is NOT for everyone!

  • It is NOT a cure for hair loss.
  • It does NOT grow your hair.
  • It does NOT work on completely bald scalp.

If your are seeking a panacea to regrow your hair or reverse hair loss, look elsewhere.

If you're completely bald or have few hairs left on the scalp, don't waste your time and give other people a chance to try the product (because we only give away limited quantity samples).

The ideal candidates are those of us with thinning hairs, who want to make them look fuller, thus eliminating the appearance of hair loss or balding scalp.

Think you fit the profile? Or wondering if Caboki is better than what you're currently using? We're offering you an opportunity to try it before you buy.

Don't worry, there are no strings attached:

  • NO obligation to make purchase now or in the future
  • NO automatic shipment
  • NO contract, NO fine print, NO frustrations!
Free Sample

Free Sample

How big is the sample?

Depending on the size of your thinning area, it can be used for 3-7 days.

Will I be charged for an order later?

NO! As mentioned above, you will NOT automatically receive any order from us in the future just because you request a free sample this time.

Free Sample Policy (strictly enforced):

One free sample only per household. Repetitive requests will be declined.

How much is the shipping fee?

$2.99 (two dollars and 99 cents). US residents only.

Ready? Scroll down to fill out the Free Sample Request Form below:

Free Sample Request Form

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3. Which age group do you belong?

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