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How Autoship works?

Autoship is a simple and convenient way to make sure you never run out of Caboki. When you join our Autoship program, we will automatically send and bill you for a new shipment on a regularly scheduled basis. You may increase or decrease shipments depending on your own individual usage, and manage your Autoship orders online from our easy-to-use Autoship preferences page.

What are the benefits of Autoship?

First of all, you will receive huge saving by joining Autoship. But most importantly, you will never run out of Caboki again. You will never make a mad, last-minute dash to make a purchase.

Will my Autoship price ever be increased in the future?

No. Even though regular retail price normally increases every year, your autoship price will be locked in for at least two years.

Can I Change the items?

Yes. You can manage your Autoship orders online with our easy-to-use preferences page where you can change the quantity, add, and remove items.

What is the Start Date?

The Autoship start date is the date we'll ship your first delivery. Use the calendar to change the start date. You will not be billed until the item is actually shipped.

What is frequency?

The Autoship frequency is how often you should receive shipments. You can change the frequency to have us ship more or less often. Your credit card will not be billed until each shipment is actually sent.

How do I adjust my frequency?

Log into your account, click on AutoShip. And then click on "Change".

How do I skip a delivery?

If you need to skip a delivery, simply login, go to AutoShip page. Click the "Skip Next Delivery".

How do I cancel my Autoship?

Easy. Login your account, go to AutoShip Manager page. Click on "Turn off Autoship".

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