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  • Caboki is good for hair coloring, too.

    • Before
    • After
    I tried the Caboki sample and while, unfortunately, I do not have enough foundation hair for it to work as a hair replacing product, However, I did find that the hair I do have took on a very natural looking color from the product.

    What hair I do have is salt and pepper grey leaning heavily towards silver grey and I tried the Salt and Pepper Dark sample. I found that the hair that it was able to cling to took it up quite well and since the sample color was darker than the natural color of my hair, it actually reduced my silver to a darker grey. Friends and family said I looked 10 years younger just on the color alone. I put it through it's paces and decided to keep from washing my hair for 4 days, during which time, the Caboki stayed put and did not lose its efficacy. When I finally washed my hair, it came out cleanly with no extra work and no special shampoo.. I am very pleased with Caboki in this regard and recommend it highly.