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  • Grace K.


    Submission date: 2014/10/28

    This is a fantastic product that does exactly what the claims for it say. The videos are right on. I have used Joan River's Great Day products, which works great too at covering bare spots, but it is a bit messier and harder to apply. Caboki is a product I never want to be without. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
  • jane K.
    Ludwig Scale Frontal

    Ludwig Scale Frontal

    I can throw my hairbands away now, Thank You

    Age Group: 45-54Hair Color: Blonde

    Submission date: 2014/10/22

    I am a 54 year old woman that has an iodine deficiency that caused a hormone imbalance and I lost allot of hair over my forehead. As a woman who bases my self confidence on my appearance, it is crushing. When I received my free trail I was unsure if it would work but I am so happy with the results, and it is so easy to use. Thank you so much, I was ready to shave my head and buy wigs which ...more
  • Kim N.
    Ludwig Scale I-3

    Ludwig Scale I-3

    Absolutely amazing

    Age Group: 45-54Hair Color: Medium Brown

    Submission date: 2014/10/15

    I just received my free sample of Caboki and tried it right away. All I can say is that I almost cried, because I look like I have hair again! I'm Only 50 & have worn my hair up for work for many years resulting in hair loss near my part line and bangs. It doesn't sound like much,but over the years people have innocently teased me about it, not knowing how hard I tried covering it up with the ...more
  • Brad D.
    Norwood Scale V

    Norwood Scale V

    3 months later and still"wow"

    Age Group: 45-54Hair Color: Medium Brown

    Submission date: 2014/10/12

    At 3 months of use, I still can't believe this product. It is so natural, no one would ever know. People have come up to me and asked when my hair grew back,
    I sweat, get caught in the rain and even have put a ball cap on and then taken off and still looks good. I am a customer for life ........
  • Alba M.
    Norwood Scale II

    Norwood Scale II

    THE BEST PRODUCT!!!!!!:)

    Age Group: 55-64Hair Color: Medium Brown

    Submission date: 2014/10/09

    I'm 55 years old, I lost hair in the front of my head,
    I have tried hair dyes, pencil and many products but was not happy.
    Looking online I found this, the truth was not really convinced when ordered.
    The shipping was fast, medium brown color WAS perfect.
    Now I feel better, I'm not using caps, works fantastic with
    dry hair. I even comb my hair with a hairdryer and then I apply it. covers me ...more
  • Patsy H.

    My New Look

    Age Group: Over 74Hair Color: Auburn

    Submission date: 2014/10/07

    My product arrived today and I promptly opened it as I was very anxious to see what it would do. WOW was I surprised! Very easy to use and the color that I ordered (Auburn) matches my hair like it has been specially blended for me. I only had to use a small amount of the powder as I only have a small spot in the front of my hair that looks thin and I can see my scalp. I did not see any flakes ...more
  • Jackie C.

    Unbelievable! Caboki is amazing for covering scar

    Age Group: 35-44Hair Color: Dark Brown

    Submission date: 2014/10/07

    I had an accident that required me to have a series of stitches across the front part of my scalp, and the hair never grew back on or around the scar; otherwise the rest of my hair is fairly thick. Ordinarily, I can style my hair over the scar, but if the wind catches it just right, my hair "flips up" and the bald strip is very obvious and very embarrassing. I got a sample of Caboki to see if ...more
  • Md Najib A.
    Norwood Scale V

    Norwood Scale V

    Thank you.

    Age Group: 45-54Hair Color: Black

    Submission date: 2014/09/18

    • Before Before
    • After After
    It is simply amazing. Using this product makes me feel much younger and more confident.
  • Debra D.
    Ludwig Scale II-2

    Ludwig Scale II-2


    Age Group: 35-44Hair Color: Dark Brown

    Submission date: 2014/09/15

    I can honestly say I am amazed by this product. Bit dubious when it arrived, but got my partner to put it on for me. When I went to looked in the mirror I thought don't expect too much, but wow I was so pleased. I couldn't stop looking in the mirror. It did not come off on my pillow and washed out very easily. It takes a few practices to get it just right but once you have, away you go. Would ...more
  • Brad D.
    Norwood Scale V

    Norwood Scale V

    No one can believe it!

    Age Group: 45-54Hair Color: Medium Brown

    Submission date: 2014/09/05

    Yes, I was very skeptical when I ordered my free sample. OMG! My first use was unbelievable . Within 60 seconds , my bold spot was gone. The medium brown shade matched my hair perfect. I have been using daily for weeks now. A little clear hairspray each morning keeps my hair perfect all day. I am SOLD!
    Bradley D in NC

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