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  • Cynthia W.
    Ludwig Scale II-1

    Ludwig Scale II-1

    This is a great product - for limited applications

    Age Group: 65-74Hair Color: Dark Brown

    Submission date: 2014/07/24

    This product is amazing. I have very thin hair on top (male pattern baldness). This makes for bald spots and wide parts. Just a little sprinkle of Caboki in strategic areas works miracles. It covers the bald spots and wide areas. Although it seems expensive - It lasts a long time. However, I don't use it every day. I'm retired, and I only use it when I go out in public. It's worth the ...more
  • shantella B.
    Ludwig Scale Frontal

    Ludwig Scale Frontal


    Age Group: Under 25Hair Color: Black

    Submission date: 2014/07/20

    Im in love with caboki hair fibers I have thinning hair in the front and have two balding spot on my temple that have very little hair I use caboki on them to cover them and it works too great. I can were my hair down and let the wind blow my hair without having my balding scalp show now you can just see hair.
  • Danielle B.
    Ludwig Scale II-1

    Ludwig Scale II-1


    Hair Color: Dark Brown

    Submission date: 2014/07/19

    WOW,,,,, this stuff actually works!!! I was skeptical when I ordered it because so many companies don't work like they claim they do....however this one really does!!!!!! I ordered the sample to try it out and for sure without a doubt will be purchasing more in a few weeks!! Its fills in any spots that are losing hair and looks so natural that no one can tell. Great stuff and Kudos for a company ...more
  • Tommie B.
    Ludwig Scale II-1

    Ludwig Scale II-1


    Age Group: 55-64Hair Color: Dark Gray

    Submission date: 2014/07/12

    After going through chemotherapy, my hair came back in very patchy, especially at the crown. I had fairly thick hair before, so this was very disturbing for me to no longer have a full head of hair. Got a free sample of Caboki and I love it. Easy and quick to use. I can even use it in the morning when getting ready for work. It doesn't wash out when you swim, but it washes out easily with ...more
    Ludwig Scale Frontal

    Ludwig Scale Frontal

    Oh my!

    Age Group: 55-64Hair Color: Medium Brown

    Submission date: 2014/07/11

    I got the sample, tried the sample, and am amazed that it really works really well. The color matches perfectly, you can't see where my hair was missing. I've always see the shiny bald spots on my head when I look in a mirror. Not anymore. I see my face framed out hair as it used to be.

    I've spent thousands having one of those glued on wigs because my hairline was thinning and ...more
  • Louis H.
    Norwood Scale VII

    Norwood Scale VII

    Changed my life (and future)!

    Age Group: 35-44Hair Color: Black

    Submission date: 2014/07/05

    • Before Before
    • After After
    I never liked wearing hats all the time. I was belittled, repulsed, and insulted, because my balding appearance, every time I went out, whether it be work, store, or laundromat. When I came across some caboki videos and the reviews, I became skeptical. I knew it was going to work. After almost 2 years of using caboki, the public torment I suffered is gone. I still get curious looks. Besides low ...more
  • Roger L.
    Norwood Scale IV

    Norwood Scale IV


    Age Group: 45-54Hair Color: Medium Brown

    Submission date: 2014/07/03

    I was a little skeptical, but figured I didn't have anything to lose and sent off for a free sample. A few days later it came in the mail and it literally took around a minute to apply it to the balding area on the back of my head. I couldn't believe it! I still can't believe it! It looks perfectly natural!!! I showed a few friends and they were absolutely amazed. I just made my first official ...more
  • bravo S.
    Norwood Scale IV

    Norwood Scale IV

    Fantastic Life Saver

    Age Group: 25-34Hair Color: Black

    Submission date: 2014/06/15

    Am 29, thinning past 8 years.. had tried minox +finasteride for 2 months. After seeing the side effects..which included acute depression ..I could not concentrate on a thing for more than 5 mins after using these 2.

    Tried consulting top notch hair transplant doctors. many said I was not suitable since my donor area was not great to achieve significant cosmetic change.

    I WAS SHATTERED...Am ...more
  • Arnita T.
    Ludwig Scale I-4

    Ludwig Scale I-4

    perfect color

    Age Group: 35-44Hair Color: Black

    Submission date: 2014/06/14

    I love this product. It looks totally natural.
  • Kyle L.

    Still, a bit stunned...

    Age Group: 25-34Hair Color: Dark Brown

    Submission date: 2014/06/10

    When it comes to products with such positive reviews I can't help myself but to begin doubting. What's that quote again? "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice..." Well, it's kinda like that. Only, the scams out there are so plentiful, I've grown so accustomed to ignoring anything I crave so badly. Luckily, however, I gave Caboki a chance, and it's changed so very much for me.

    The only one ...more

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